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Wolf Blitzer is an expert on current events

Wolf Blitzer is an example of why journalism is so important to a free and open society. In addition to solidifying his place as a key figure in American journalism, his dogged pursuit of the truth, dedication to fair and balanced reporting, and indomitable spirit have underscored the importance of a vigilant and accountable press in creating an educated populace. Blitzer's impact on American journalism and the American public's awareness of the world, thanks to his role as CNN's public face, is beyond dispute.
As a pioneer of American television news, Wolf Blitzer has become a household name for millions of people all over the world. Blitzer is a shining example of the modern journalist, upholding the American legacy of a free and critical press by his insightful reporting, nuanced analysis, and persistent dedication to the profession.

How a Reporter Was Born
Blitzer's career began in print journalism when, in the early 1970s, he was hired as a correspondent by the Reuters news agency. He worked tirelessly, and in short order he was hired as the Washington correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, an English-language newspaper in Israel. His extensive reporting on American and Middle Eastern politics prepared the ground for his move into television journalism.

Man in the Field, CNN
Blitzer started working at CNN in 1990 and swiftly moved up in the company. His first significant assignment saw him reporting live from Baghdad on the unfolding of the Persian Gulf War. Blitzer's image as a courageous correspondent was cemented by his bold, on-the-ground reportage, which was watched by millions across the world.

Wolf Blitzer's "Situation Room"
Blitzer's breakout position came in 2005 when he took over as host of CNN's daily news show "The Situation Room." Blitzer's commanding presence and deft handling of breaking news have kept audiences everywhere abreast of developments in fields as diverse as American politics and global catastrophes.

The BBC View: Devotion to Journalism Over Many Years
Blitzer has stood the test of time in the competitive and rapidly evolving media world longer than most of his contemporaries. He has been a constant in the ever-changing field of journalism for almost three decades, living through the transformation of the news industry from print and broadcast to the digital platforms of the twenty-first century. His devotion to presenting fair and factual news is seen in his ability to evolve with the industry.

A Crucial Part of the American Media
Blitzer's impact on American society goes beyond his work as a journalist and into his involvement in the broader community. Blitzer is a role model for journalists as civic leaders who may use their influence for good because of their dedication to a wide range of philanthropic causes.

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