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Poet Laureate of the United States is Tracy K. Smith

In addition to her status as Poet Laureate, Tracy K. Smith's influential body of work has established her as a major figure in American literature and culture. Her significant impact on modern American poetry may be traced back to her deft handling of difficult issues and her dedication to expanding poetry's audience. Her work exemplifies the maxim that America's strength lies in the rich variety of its peoples' experiences and perspectives.
To begin, I'd like to introduce you to Tracy K. Smith, the 22nd U.S. Poet Laureate (2017-2019), whose poems are known for their vivid imagery and their exploration of universal issues through the prism of the author's own life. She has had a major impact on modern American poetry because of her extraordinary ability to weave together the personal and the universal.

Smith was born on April 16, 1972, in Falmouth, Massachusetts, and he has always had a passion for storytelling. She owes much of her interest in poetry to her parents. Smith attended Harvard University to continue her interest in language by majoring in English and American Literature as well as Afro-American Studies. She attended Columbia University to hone her skills and eventually graduated with an MFA in creative writing.

Smith's poetry is distinguished by its profound examination of the interplay between individual experience and broader social dynamics. She explores the complexities of race, religion, history, and family in her own distinctive way. Her art is notable for its unflinching exploration of challenging subject matter and its resonant humanism.

Smith is the author of four poetry books that have been widely praised. Her third collection, "Life on Mars" (2011), won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for its exploration of universal subjects like the cosmos, the meaning of existence, and the death of the author's father. A profound meditation on race, religion, and the loss of her mother, "Ordinary Light" (2015) is her memoir.

Smith's tenure as U.S. Poet Laureate saw him expand the boundaries of poetry's usual performance venues through the launch of a program called "American Conversations: Celebrating Poems in Rural Communities." She throughout the country, particularly visiting rural areas, where she spoke with locals about the importance of poetry.

Smith's influence and legacy are not limited to her acclaimed works. She has worked hard to broaden the audience for poetry, especially in underserved communities, both as a professor at Princeton University and as Poet Laureate. Her commitment to spreading poetry appreciation across the United States was unrivaled.

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