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Ralph Lauren: The Man Who Started a Fashion Empire

The impact of Ralph Lauren on the fashion business has been enormous. When he entered the fashion industry, he revolutionized clothing promotion by introducing the idea of lifestyle branding. Lauren has been more than just a designer; she has perfected the art of selling an idealized vision of affluence, refinement, and classic American chic.
Ralph Lauren has had a profound effect on the fashion industry and American culture throughout his amazing journey from the Bronx to the world's fashion stages. His contributions to fashion and culture establish him as a pivotal player in the development of today's aesthetic world, and his foresight and tenacity embody the spirit of American business.

Ralph Lauren's rise from tie salesman to worldwide fashion mogul is the quintessential American success story. He has risen to the top of the fashion industry because to his ability to develop a brand that represents an ideal way of life. This article sheds light on Lauren’s spectacular rise, his impact on the fashion business, and his ongoing influence on the American cultural landscape by combining the personal storytelling style of ABC’s 60 Minutes with the historical and cultural backdrop of the BBC.

A Style Icon in the Making
Ralph Lifshitz was born to Jewish parents in the Bronx in 1939. He always had an eye for style and would often wear his school uniform in a way that was different from the rest of the kids. After finishing high school, Ralph decided to start a new life as a fashion designer with the surname Lauren.

In 1967, he broke through when he successfully pitched the idea of starting his own line of neckties to the firm he was working for at the time, Beau Brummell. Lauren's creations, which he dubbed "Polo," were broader and brighter than the conventional ties of the time, which were skinny and muted.

An Iconic Name Is Born
Having introduced a line of men's suits in 1968, Ralph Lauren formally established the Polo Ralph Lauren Company. The styles were unconventional, with a looser, more comfortable cut. However, the Polo shirt, which debuted in 1972, is well recognized as the symbol of the company. Featuring the now-iconic Polo player insignia, the shirt helped define the 'preppy' aesthetic and became a status symbol for its wearers.

Making Your Life Look Enviable
Lauren's brilliance was not limited to his designs, but extended to his marketing as well. He was peddling more than just threads, though. His commercials frequently showcased idealized versions of American culture, be it posh Ivy League life, wild West adventure, or urbane Hollywood glamour.

Creating a World-Wide Empire
Over the years, Lauren branched out Polo Ralph Lauren to include women's wear, home decor, perfumes, and restaurants. The Ralph Lauren Corporation is now a multibillion-dollar international business with numerous subsidiary brands aimed at various consumer segments and pricing points.

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