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Trevor Noah is a TV host and comedian

The tale of Trevor Noah is one of breaking down barriers and challenging preconceptions. He infuses American TV with humor and cutting social criticism from around the world. When it comes to satirical news coverage, Noah has done an excellent job as host of "The Daily Show," and he's even improved on the show's longstanding reputation for quality by adding a worldwide perspective. His prominence in contemporary television is due in large part to his impact in American media and his distinctive voice.
Trevor Noah's meteoric rise from South African comedian to anchor of "The Daily Show," a top satirical news program in the United States, is a credit to his wit, charisma, and original perspective on world events. Noah has become an important figure in American media thanks to his ability to speak for a diverse audience and his charming sense of humor.

Noah was born in Johannesburg in 1984, and his formative years were shaped by the oppressive reality of apartheid. In his early twenties, he began to pursue comedy as an outlet for his frustration with the injustices of the racial segregation he was forced to endure. He became well-known all over South Africa and beyond thanks to his hilarious stand-up acts, which sometimes included biting social commentary.

Due to the universal appeal of Noah's comedy, he began touring abroad in the late aughts. His ability to make jokes that are both universally funny and distinctive to a given culture was on display in his many guest appearances on British and American television shows. Then-"Daily Show" anchor Jon Stewart noticed him after he became famous around the world.

Noah began working as a correspondent for "The Daily Show" in 2014. He took over for Jon Stewart after only one year on the job. Despite initial mistrust due to his lack of name recognition in the United States, Noah swiftly won over listeners with his unique take on American politics gained from his upbringing in South Africa.

The International Upbringing of Trevor Noah, Host of "The Daily Show," and His Global Impact on U.S. TV News. His comedy frequently demonstrates the folly of focusing inside and prompts readers and viewers to broaden their horizons. The combination of his insightful analysis of American politics and social issues with his own brand of irreverent comedy has made "The Daily Show" a must-see for fans of political satire.

With Noah at the helm, "The Daily Show" has won multiple Emmys and a Peabody Award, continuing the show's history of critically acclaimed satire. The memoir "Born a Crime," written by Noah in 2016, was a huge success around the world and the winner of the Thurber Prize for American Humor.

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